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About JF Conroy

Hello reader...

The story of how An Honest Life came to be 

starts from humble beginnings,

rather much like my own.

My mother and father moved over from Ireland to the UK and met around 1970. They married and had three children that grew up at Holmewood Road, Brixton Hill, London.


If you tap this address into Google Earth, you will get a feel for the surroundings from chapter one. I grew up amongst the Irish community attending céilithe and festivals and absorbed in the characteristics of the Irish charm.

Writing a book set in Ireland was a long-time project of mine, and one that I embarked on with the enthusiasm and vigour of the naive. I didn't necessarily know that an Irish crime novel was the book I would end up with, but once the story of Declan and Martin started, there was no stopping it from making itself know. 

 Writing this book was a labour of love. I came to writing late in life and attended evening classes to gain the basic understanding of writing a book. Then after many rewrites and devouring much reading material I sourced professional assistance in getting my manuscript ready for print. Finally, after years of hard work, writing courses, editing, honing and even more editing, An Honest Life was born. It turns out becoming a published writer and author takes a lot of hard work! 

An Honest Life has been described as a

'thrilling crime story with a beating heart'.

I truly hope you enjoy it. 

JF Conroy

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